Natural Skin Care Treatments and Beauty Rituals From Around the Globe: Bali

natural skin care and beauty ritualsJavanese beauty rituals (from the House of Java in Bali) were traditionally performed to prepare a Royal bride for her wedding day before she walked down the aisle. This ritual would normally take days to prepare and carry out, combining natural elements like essential oils, flowers, spices and herbs that made the young royal bride’s skin fragrant, soft and glowing.

But this beauty ritual is no longer reserved for royalty. Modern versions are offered now in spas all over the world. This special spa treatment usually begins with a traditional hydrating body scrub to remove dead skin cells before you are wrapped in a cocoon of native rice extract, herbs, spices and essential oils to nourish the healthy skin underneath. After relaxing in the wrap, you are either escorted to a hydrotherapy tub where you soak in floral essences and flower petals, or rinsed in a “rain shower” with the help of the Vichy. The ritual concludes with a therapeutic massage using rich nut oils (a total time of about 2 1/1 hours!) Nice, huh?

Want to apply this beauty ritual at home?

  • Fill your tub with warm water and your choice of essential oils (BIEN TIP: add in Pure Fiji Coconut Bath Soak with your essential oils for more moisture!)
  • While tub is filling, Dry Brush your body head to toe, moving in circular motions toward the heart.
  • Next, scrub each body part with your favorite (preferably organic) body scrub.
  • Get into the filled tub and soak for at least 20 minutes.
  • Towel dry almost all the way, leaving your skin a bit damp.
  • Finish the treatment by massaging coconut, jojoba or other nut oil into your skin one body part at a time. (If you don’t have any of these oils, you can use your favorite body butter or lotion – preferably organic!)
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