Natural Nail Care

I wanted to post about natural nail care because so many of us take time to get our mani-pedi’s but then thrash our hands and feet in our daily routines. I am just as much to blame as anyone else. I sometimes forget to wear my gloves while cleaning dished or scrubbing the bathtub. I also use regular nail polish remover when I cannot find my SpaRitual brand. These things can add up and start to wear down your nails and skin on hands and feet.
Natural nail products, free of harmful synthetics and crazy chemicals, like formaldehyde, really are best when getting those mani and pedi’s. Companies like SpaRitual make nail products just like this, their polish is award-winning and cute, and their products are also vegan and free of animal testing.
All the benefits of the soaking and pampering in the nail salon will last longer if you keep your hands and feet exfoliated and hydrated at home. This is especially important for those of us in professions where we are constantly handling paperwork and washing our hands.

Here’s a great list of nail-care tips I find useful:

  • Keep nails filed so you can avoid the temptation to bite or pick at them if they are uneven
  • Apply a moisturizing oil (like Malie organics Renew Beauty Oil) to the cuticles every night before bed. The oil will keep the nail beds happy and will also hydrate your skin without weighing you down
  • Use natural nail products whenever possible
  • Scrub your feet in the shower with a natural pumice stone or body polish like Malie Organics Renew Body Polish
  • Wear socks to bed if you can
  • Always wear gloves when handling cleaning products and chemicals
  • Don’t use your nail in the place of a screwdriver, hammer or any other tool
  • Don’t cut your cuticles every time you get a manicure. This breaks down their natural ability to protect your nails from bacteria and dries them out.
  • Forget the fake nails, ladies – they are ‘no bueno’ for you or your nail beds


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