Masking Tips

I love facial masks – they are a great way to instantly boost skin radiance at home, giving you that “just stepped out of the spa” feel. I often have client’s ask about at-home masking and wanted to share some helpful tips.

Here’s how to get the most out of masking at home:

1.   Be sure to thoroughly cleanse skin before masking
2.   If the mask you are using is not meant to exfoliate (like honey mask or enzyme mask) – scrub skin gently with washcloth while cleansing
3.   Open pores in bath or shower before applying mask (bath-time is the perfect time to apply mask and let it sit on skin.) if showering, apply mask as soon as you get out of the shower.
4.   Leave the mask on for AT LEAST 15 minutes. Most people do not leave their masks on long enough – I usually give mine about 30 minutes to work their magic.
5.   Try to find something relaxing to do (or not do) while masking. I wrote an article on stress a little while back that talked about the importance of taking time out…make that 30 minute mask time a nice “time out” for yourself – lie on the bed or sofa, take some herbal tea to the back porch and rest…you get the idea.
6.   Mask weekly. In order for masking to really make improvements in your skin, you need to keep up a routine. Masking once or twice a week is ideal in between monthly facials for keeping skin toned, soft and well-hydrated!

And while we’re on the topic, here are 3 of my favorite masks to use at home:

Osmosis Polish – available in the spa
Sanitas Tea Tree Mask
Nutmeg & Honey Mask

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