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Lemon Sugar Scrub Recipe For Hands & Feet

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I love the way my hands and feet feel right after a trip to the salon. Unfortunately for me, this feeling lasts all of about a day. I am constantly on my feet, in flip flops when not in the spa and wash my hands about 10 thousand times a day (OK maybe that’s a slight exaggeration.) So what’s a girl to do about dry, rough hands a feet? At-home lemon sugar scrub! I try to treat myself of a nice scrub once a week or so, and this recipe works really well for keeping the skin on my hands and feet soft and smooth. Enjoy!

Lemon-y Sugar Scrub Recipe

I use any citrus I have on hand, actually – and grapefruit, orange, and lime all work really well too!

2/3 cup coconut, jojoba or almond oil
1 cup turbinado or raw sugar
juice from one lemon (lime, orange or ½ grapefruit)
2 pinches of lemon zest

Combine all ingredients in small jar or bowl and use to massage all over hands and feet.

Rinse well and follow up with appropriate oil or lotion. I LOVE using this scrub before at-home mani pedi’s!

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