The Honest Company: Honestly Great!

We recently started using some of the products from The Honest Company and thought we’d share the wealth, so to speak.

Jessica Alba helped found The Honest Company in hopes of providing an easy way for people to buy and use greener products in the home. I’ve written about green cleaning and green living before many times. The benefits are numerous – so harsh solvents, so toxic films or fumes, and an equally clean home. The Honest Company takes the concepts of green cleaning to another level by providing one extra quality: convenience.

I love that they offer a free trial of their products, so you can try before making a commitment to buy. The Honest Company is a monthly subscription for green household cleaners, body care products and baby essentials. You sign up for “bundles” that include diapers, cleaning supplies or body products starting under $36 a month. The Family Essentials Bundle, for example, includes your choice of 5 household cleaning products (everything from dish or laundry detergent to bug spray) for $35.95 a month. You get the products delivered right to your door and can change products and ship dates monthly. I know I spend at least that amount each month, depending on the products I’m buying.

Now that we are expecting a baby, we signed up for the Diapers Bundle so we can have organic, eco-friendly diapers and wipes delivered monthly (for less than what it would cost us at any store.) I highly recommend them to anyone wanting the “green” their cleaning or household routines in an easy and affordable way.

If you’re curious, check out their website: The Honest Company.

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