Grow Your Own Skincare Garden

herb garden

For a great gardening project, try adding these flowering herbs together clustered in terracotta pots or planted in ground. Each of these herbs and flowering plants are known for their skin soothing and clearing benefits! We love to use them in our facial steam baths, and you can easily incorporate them into your home care regime:


Once they are ready to cut, use them in these fun at-home spa recipes:

Morrocan Mint Tea

10 fresh mint sprigs
3 teaspoons green tea
3 tablespoons honey
4 cups water
Boil water
Pour a small amount in teapot and swish around to warm the pot
Combine the mint and green tea and honey in the teapot, then fill it with the rest of the hot water
Let tea brew, stirring the leaves once or twice, for 3 minutes
Pour tea through a tea strainer into teacup(s) to serve

Lavender and Chamomile Salt Soak

½ cup Epsom or Sea Salt
Handful of freshly cut lavender flower stems
Handful of freshly cut chamomile flowers

Remove Lavender buds and Chamomile puds from stems and finely chop (or mash in mortal and pestle)
Place flowers in a small bowl
Add Salts to Bowl
Add Salt Soak to Warm Bath
Soak away your day!

Rosemary Toning Oil

Large handful of freshly cut rosemary stems
½ cup carrier oil (jojoba, grapefruit seed, almond, etc)
5-10 drops citrus essential oil (grapefruit preferred)

Remove rosemary leaves from stems
*bonus: Crush keaves in mortal and pestle to release oils
Place rosemary in small bowl or jar
Add in grapefruit oil
Add carrier oil
Apply to skin on thighs and buttocks, avoiding sensitive areas
Massage toward the heart
Stand in shower and rub skin with dry hand towel to remove excess rosemary leaves
Wash hands
*bonus: Dry Brush before applying and massaging oil into skin

Lemongrass Sugar Scrub
handful of freshly cut lemongrass, finely chopped (preferably then mashed in mortal and pestle)
½ cup raw turbinado sugar
¼ cup organic coconut oil
5 drops citrus oil (lemongrass, tangerine, orange, or lemon)

Blend coconut oil and sugar in small bowl
Add in lemongrass and blend thoroughly
Add in essential oil
Apply mixture to skin (avoiding face and sensitive areas)
Massage upward toward heart
Rinse skin clean in shower or bath

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