A Friendly Reminder That Will Help Save Your Neck!

take care of you neckWe often take good care of the skin on our face – even pay special attention to the eye area and lips. But when it comes to our neck, some of us fall short. They say that the neck and the back of the hands show one’s true age. That may be the case simply because they play second fiddle to the face when it comes to home-care on a regular basis. Here are some tips to remind you to include your neck and your decolette (fancy French term for chest) in the lovin care:

Take your cleanser with you into the shower – whether in the morning or before bed, cleansing once a day in the shower will encourage you to include your neck and decolette without the mess made around the bathroom sink. A good scrub down once a day will help encourage cellular metabolism and remove and debris built up from the day, making the penetration of nutrients and moisture easier afterward!

Apply product First to your neck and chest, then move upward to the face – we tend to overuse our serums and lotions anyway, so this will ensure we get the perfect amount without leaving anything out! Press product into the skin all over first, then go back and massage in. TIP: If the product isnt spreading perfectly, wet you fingertips after applying and before massaging the product in. This will emulsify the product without tempting you to overuse.

When Masking your face once or twice a week, apply a special hydrating oil, cream or mask – That 10-15 minutes of extra moisture will soak into the skin and keep it glowing.

Block it Up – Always remember to apply a natural sunblack with Zinc and / or titanium dioxide to your neck and decolette daily – even if you dont think you are getting that much sun. It will keep you protected and prevent sun spots and lines.

Got it? Great! Now go ahead and stick your neck out with confidence!

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