Essential Oil Perfumes

I was recently gifted a sweet roll on essential oil perfume with jasmine, rose, sandalwood and frankincense and all the memories of my time in Paris started pouring into my mind as soon as I put it on. Essential oil perfumes always remind me of Paris. You cannot step into a spa or skincare store, or even a pharmacy for that matter, without seeing essential oils and perfumes on display. There are some truly special little parfumeries in France, like the on the top of a mountain in Eze. There is even a special museum dedicated to Perfume, next to the magnificent old Opera House (one of my favorite spots in the City of Love and Lights.)

Essential oils are a wonderfully organic and natural way to wear perfume. Especially for those of you with sensitive palates or skin. Unlike synthetic perfumes that are blended with alcohol and other chemicals and dyes, pure oils are often wild-crafted and responsibly harvested and made, with absolutely no animal testing or synthetic additives. They are almost always blended in a natural carrier oil, like organic jojoba, instead of alcohol which is drying for the skin. And, because they are oils, they last and linger beautifully on your skin. I like to apply mine to my wrists, ankles, stomach, back of the knee, or back of the neck or ears!

photo credits: Planet Earth Oils, April Aromatics, Tina K. iDesign Studio

If you haven’t already, I recommend trying a few different oils or blends. You never know, your new signature scent could be waiting for you! Here are some of my favorite essential oil ‘parfumeries’, courtesy of my other obsession, ETSY:

Tina K iDesign Studio

April Aromatics

Planet Earth Oils

Botanical Roots

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