Easy Homemade Honey Facial Cleanser

So for the past week I’ve been using raw organic unfiltered honey to cleanse my skin every morning and my skin has been LOVING it! Raw unfiltered honey is useful for any skin type or condition. It’s an ingredient in one of our favorite Sanitas Cleansers, and I often incorporate it in my facials as a special treat for the skin.

I’ve mentioned before that honey and royal jelly are both high in B Vitamins and loads of important minerals. Honey also is naturally antibacterial and helps draw moisture into the skin, softening the surface and cleansing without stripping the precious acid mantle for those times your skin is in need of rest. Honey also contains natural enzymes that help gently exfoliate the skin without altering the pH. It’s more of a softening than actual exfoliation.

Read all about the importance of active and resting cleansers here.

It is very important to use only raw organic unfiltered honey. Raw, meaning not heated or cooked. Organic, meaning farmed without pesticides. Unfiltered, meaning that it still contains all the enzymes and minerals the skin loves. This honey can be found for under $10 a jar at your local health food store. It’s milky yellow / white in color and doesn’t need to be refrigerated. Raw honey is a great alternative to other sweeteners in your diet, but is also perfect for skincare recipes like facial masks and scrubs. I have been using it to simply cleanse my skin and my skin feels balanced and soft and wonderful! I use this only in the mornings because I wear make-up during the day, but if you arent a make-up person – try it at night too on resting days!

Honey Cleanser Directions:

  1. tie hair back away form face
  2. wet skin with room temp water from the sink or shower
  3. take clean fingers or tongue depressor / Popsicle stick to remove about a quarter-size dollop of honey and place in the palm of your hand
  4. rub hands together and massage honey into skin on face and neck like you would any cleanser – avoid getting it too close to your eyes
  5. remove thoroughly with room temp water
  6. gently dry skin, et voila!

*Unless you are applying make-up or need to apply sun block, try to keep skin naked after cleansing. This will help your skin’s oil / moisture balance readjust!

Try it out for yourself, and let me know what you think!

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  1. bien-être
    bien-être says:

    This will remove make-up if used with a clean damp wash cloth. It also makes a great second cleanser because it gently exfoliates and softens the skin without scratching! Try it both ways and let us know!

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