Coffee Grounds Scrub: Savvy Skincare Tip

coffee-groundsWe already knew that we could save our leftover coffee grinds to use in our garden or compost, but there’s another use for them…in the shower!

My client, Roz, told me how she recycles her coffee and helps out her skin in the process:

She takes her used coffee grinds and places them in a small bowl, then adds in a bit of oil (preferably a cosmetic grade nut oil, but olive will do as well). After wetting her skin in the shower, she uses this homemade Scrub to massage vigorously into her skin, using upward circular strokes (toward the heart). Brilliant! Here’s why:

The caffeine in coffee, when used topically, helps to stimulate circulation in the skin which can help minimize the appearance of cellulite by minimizing inflammation and increasing circulation and metabolism of fat cells. Here’s a great little article that discusses coffee grounds further.

Spas around the world incorporate coffee grinds into body treatments, why not give your skin the same luxury at home? I personally like to use the darker roasts, which contain higher amounts of caffiene, and mix in a few drops of orange or lemongrass oil.

Thanks, Roz!!

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