Our 5 Favorite Skin Beauty Tips

beautiful skinSpot Treat with Retinol

For pesky breakouts that come when they are least expected or wanted, retinol at higher percentages like 2-5% (found in Sanitas Retinol Resurfacing Treatment)can dry the area sufficiently while encouraging cellular turnover and fighting free radicals. Apply a small amount of the retinol product to the breakout before bed 1-2 nights in a row when you first notice signs of trouble. This will significantly reduce recovery time!

Blend Products

Feel free to blend similar products within reason. Products with similar or complimentary qualities and ingredients can be easily mixed for multiple benefits!

Here are some of my favorite blends:

Compress at Home

Warm or cool compresses are very therapeutic for your skin. Warm compresses help to soften skin and release excess oil and debris from your pores, the heat also helps to stimulate circulation which aids in skin nutrition and cellular renewal. Cool compressing calms the skin, closes the pores and constricts the capillaries, making it a great choice for skin that’s seen too much summer sun, or for calming down any flare ups!

Bathe Your Hair in Body Oil

Your hair relies on oils from your scalp to stay healthy and soft. Often styling and coloring can dry the ends, leading to damage. Nut and plant oils are a great substitute for natural skin oils. They are a large component of nourishing scalp treatments and hair masks. Why not use what you already have at home? Your favorite body oil will also do wonders to put the shine back into your hair. Wet your hair and then take a small amount of body oil (like Pure Fiji Nourishing Exotic Oil) and massage in starting at the ends. Work your way up to the scalp and then pull your hair into a bun (or comb back if you rock a shorter cut.) Leave in for about 10 minutes up to 1 hour and then shampoo and condition your hair as normal. Voila! An at-home spa hair and scalp treatment!

Protect Your Hands

Clients always ask how I keep my hands so soft. Well, they are constantly bathing in skincare products!

Your hands take a beating and they usually don’t get as much love as your face. So, make sure to include them in you daily routine. Any extra product can be applied to the backs of your hands, like serums, moisturizers, and SUNBLOCK.

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