Reader Question: My Skincare Background

I wanted to let you know how much I LOVE your blog. I am actually an esthetician myself and have been licensed since 2005. I have to say, I am so inspired and impressed with your knowledge and regularly read your posts for informative purposes. I recently completed RN school and received my license in search of something on a greater level to help with my esthetics career. I found an insatiable thirst for more knowledge, as I realized how much I do not know. The reason I am writing you, is with hopes that you will share you story and recommend your favorite knowledge sources for an esthetician. Thank you! – Erin


Thanks so much for your email and the wonderful compliments! Here’s a little more information on my background.

I became licensed in esthetics when I was 17, and haven’t looked back! After school, I actually trained with some local estheticians and then trained with the Lancome Institut de Beaute, Paris. I worked as a Lancome Spa esthetician (they no longer have these spas in the United States – they are only in Paris now) for a few years, and then went on to work for other local day and resort spas. In each position, I continued to educate myself by reading, going to classes, and receiving treatments at local spas (one of the best ways to learn, actually.)

I worked as an esthetician at local day spas while getting my degree in Journalism and Art History at the University of Florida. While there, I took a few months off to live in Paris. I studied French at the Sorbonne, frequented as many museums as I could, ate lots of pastries and visited tons of spas! I received treatments, toured the Lancome Insititut in Paris and essential oil and parfum (perfume) factories, met with spa owners, etc. My experiences in Paris led to my determination to continue my work in esthetics and one day open my own business.

When I took a position as national educator for two different skincare companies, I did extensive training with nurses, doctors, nutritionists, formulators, biochemists, and other educators. This training was focused on ingredient knowledge, chemistry, nutrition, and specific training in LED, Microcurrent, ultrasound, etc.

I am constantly searching out skincare classes, seminars, nutrition and health lectures and workshops, as well as reading up on each of these topics. I make a point to stay current, but tend to focus my education on non-invasive skincare techniques and nutrition. I encourage you to never stop learning and educating yourself, and to receive treatments regularly from other therapists and estheticians. Just don’t tell them you are in the industry – practice being the client!

My favorite knowledge sources:

  • books, articles, and anything else I can read
  • seminars taught by skincare experts, biochemists, doctors, or nutritionists
  • webinars
  • skin care classes, either at shows or offered by various skincare companies
  • traveling; visiting spas and receiving treatments

Stay Inspired and Thirsty!!

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