What is Microphototherapy?


Have you heard about or know anyone that has received microphototherapy??

Thanks so much for your great question!

Yes, I have heard of Microphototherapy. It refers to certain Light Therapy Treatments for skincare purposes. More specifically, it refers to LHE, or Light / Heat Energy Therapy.

Here’s a little breakdown:

Phototherapy balances wavelengths, intensity and exposure duration among other parameters to tailor treatment to specific needs and conditions.

The three main forms of non ablative light therapy are IPL, LHE and LED. These lasers have lower energy levels than ablative lasers (which exfoliate the outer layer of skin completely) and set up injury (with the exception of LED, which doesn’t set up injury) within the dermal layer of the skin without removal of the outer epidermal layers. This lessens the recovery period after the treatment and reduces the number of complications that can occur. That being said, here is a basic description of each:

IPL – Intense Pulsed Light – involves some discomfort as specific wavelengths of light penetrate the skin and break up clusters of red and brown pigments. These clusters then come up and slough off the surface of the skin. For this reason, IPL is popular for uneven pigmentation or vascular lesions. IPL needs to be performed by a nurse or doctor because of the intensity of the Laser. There is no real downtime, but skin is sun sensitive and pink following treatment.

LHE – Light Heat Energy– uses both Light and Heat Energy to affect the dermis, but is virtually painless. LHE is used for hair removal as well as pigment balancing and wrinkle reduction. It is gentle, but does set up an injury in the skin in order to stimulate healing processes and collagen production. Usually 6 to 8 treatments are recommended to gain the best visible results. LHE also needs to be administered by a nurse or doctor in most states. You may find it available in spas. Just be sure to visit an experienced professional.

LED – LED Skin Rejuvenation is the interaction of specific wavelengths and colors of light to activate cell receptors causing them to produce collagen or multiply. LED is a non-invasive, yet effective way to increase the energy levels in the skin, thus promoting collagen synthesis and cell renewal. Red LED increases wound healing and collagen synthesis. Blue LED reduces inflammation, reduces bacteria and normalizes oil production. While the two other light-based skin therapies rely on thermal injury to the skin to create changes in the skin appearance, LED Skin Rejuvenation does not rely on thermal energy and the related tissue trauma to effect change. Therefore, patients are not subject to the possible side effects associated with wound healing. LED can be performed by a licensed esthetician.

I have heard of all three treatments, and have clients and friends who’ve received IPL and LED. I am a regular LED-er myself, and love the results. LHE is a little newer, so I do not know anyone who has received it in the San Diego area.

bien-etre incorporates blue and red LED therapies into several facial treatments. Here is an article for more information on LED Therapy.

You can also visit our skincare studio to see the different LED therapy treatments available!

-Be Well


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5 replies
  1. joanna
    joanna says:

    Awesome post! You really have a wonderful way of writing which I find captivating! I will definitely be bookmarking you and returning to your blog. In fact, your post reminds me about a funny thing which happened to my father the other day relating to this very matter. I’ll tell you about that later…

  2. Susan Mortensen
    Susan Mortensen says:

    Jennifer i have found a spa for the LHE treatments and so far have had six. I do see improvement but my BIG concern is the light wave that flashes in my head while my eyes are closed. Is there any concern that this bright light will in any way damage my eyes or make cataracts grow more quickly? Thank you for your reply. Susan

  3. bien-être
    bien-être says:

    Great question Susan!
    In my professional experience, it does not have negative effects. LED Therapy is the gentlest and safest for cosmetic use. Here is a great article explaining LED and the FDA approval: http://www.ehow.com/about_5410383_led-light-therapy-skin-care.html
    LHE also incorporates heat, but should still be safe for cosmetic use on the face and around the eyes as long as you are going to a certified professional. I would recommend that you not have the LHE / LED placed over the eyes or in between the eyes directly, and that you also avoid it over the heart and thyroid – just to be cautious.

  4. Marie Ducote
    Marie Ducote says:

    I am an esthetician in Louisiana practicing on my own. Do you know if I am licensed in Louisiana to do Phototherapy?

  5. bien-être
    bien-être says:

    I’m not sure but you can check with your local esthetics schools or with the state board itself. These things do differ state to state. Be sure to ask about LED Therapy and Infrared therapy instead of Laser Therapy. I hope you are because it’s a great tool!

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