Is There a Budget Friendly Cleanser Good for My Dry Skin?

colorado_mountainsIs there a budget friendly cleanser good for my dry skin?

– Heather from Colorado

Yes there is!

Let’s first discuss why your skin is feeling so dry. Living in Colorado at a higher elevation, your skin is subjected to the harsh conditions of cold, dry, thin air. This air literally sucks the moisture from your skin…cruel I know.

Back in the good old days when we were all hunter / gatherers living outdoors in these conditions, our skin would protect us by building up a thick layer of dead, flattened cells on the surface – not unlike the siding on the outside of a house. While this was very helpful at the time, the need for this excessive protective barrier disappeared with the invention of central heat, insulation, and the roof over our heads.

You want something that will help remedy your dry skin and prevent future moisture loss, but you also want to keep some of your hard money so you can keep that roof over your head. I hear ya.

Many over-the-counter skin care companies, like Blistex and Vaseline for example, use occlusive (or skin-covering) ingredients like silicons, waxes and other synthetics. These ingredients tend to temporarily sooth and protect dry itchy skin, but prevent skin from producing much needed oils that lubricate from the inside out. In the end, your skin feels drier unless you have the product on. This makes for great business but isn’t an ideal situation for your skin.

Sanitas Skincare is made in Colorado, courtesy of Rocky Mountain Labs and Dr. Benjamin Fuchs. At Sanitas, they specialize in dry skin. Using biogenic ingredients, or ingredients from nature that mimic those already found in your skin and your body, these products stimulate, nourish and rest your skin – giving you long-lasting results.

Sanitas Moisturizing Cleanser ($29)  contains Sandalwood, Jojoba Oil and Beta Glucan to cleanse and remove make-up while providing moisturizing, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits. If used daily (only cleanse in the morning if you do not feel dry) this product will last approximately 1- 2 months.

You may need to exfoliate about 1-2 times each week in order to gently remove the outer layer of flatten cells and allow for better moisture absorption. For more exfoliation, use this product on slightly damp skin, for less exfoliation, mix it in with your cleanser. This gentle scrub is perfect for that: Sanitas Lemon Cream Scrub ($32) physically exfoliates skin without disturbing the moisture balance. Jojoba and Lemon oils work with Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin E to keep skin happy and protected. If used properly, this product can last you 3 or more months.

NOTE: Quality skincare, much like anything else of quality, costs a bit more initially. The upside is that you are paying for effective and gentle ingredients that will satisfy your skin’s needs. They also last a bit longer as they are more concentrated and active.

Good luck to you!!
Be well,

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