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Choose from our many therapeutic facials and skin rejuvenation techniques based on you skincare goals, or let us personalize one for you with our Custom facial.


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Vita Flex Points for Aromatherapy

vita flex

“Vita Flex Technique means “vitality through the reflexes.” With Vita Flex, the oils are applied on the contact points of the body. Very similar in theory to reflexology, the essential oils are absorbed into the skin at these reflex / vitaflex points and taken to corresponding areas in the body. The oils stimulate an electrical charge that follows the pathways of the nervous system to where there is a break in the electrical circuit which will be directly related to an energy block caused by toxins, damaged tissues, or loss of oxygen. The reflex system of controls encompasses the entire body and mind, releasing all kinds of tension, congestion and imbalances. This technique was believed to have originated in Tibet many thousands of years ago, long before acupuncture was ever discovered. With Vita Flex, the weakened or injured areas are corrected on the electrical reflex points, thus preventing further injury and resulting in less stress, which allows for quicker and more efficient healing.

From Dr. Gary Young of Young Living Essential Oils: “When using the Vita Flex Technique with essential oils, it is best to start on the bottom of the feet. The foot charts that I have created may seem a little different from the standard reflexology charts. I found that while testing the electrical currents with the frequency monitor that the contact points were a little different than those shown on standard foot charts. The Vita Flex charts are based on electrical frequency tracing, which is more accurate.

When in doubt, cover the entire sole of your feet with the oil or oil blend and put on socks to ensure the oils are absorbed into the skin and not on your floors. This is a wonderful practice to incorporate at the end of each day, depending on your needs at the time. I love applying soothing and calming oils to my feet after my evening shower. I’ve gotten into the habit of doing this for my toddler after her bath as well, and found that her sleep patterns are much healthier when I do.


For Sleep / Snoring: Valor or Cedarwood and Lavender on the bottom of the toes (especially big toe)

For Immunity or anything Viral: Lemon and Thieves along the bottom interior side of the feet (for the spine area)

For tummy aches or digestion help: Peppermint, Ginger or Digize from the middle to the heel of feet.

Half way through my cleanse: what I’ve noticed


So here I am, just past the mid point in my 90-day Cleanse. I wanted to post a bit about what I’ve noticed so far in terms of my health.

At first, less energy, then more energy: Let me explain. When I first started this cleanse, I was excited to start feeling the positive effects. This did not happen right away, and I actually felt worse in the very beginning. I craved sugar and starches. I felt drained and even had some minor breakouts and headaches. BUT, I kept going, knowing that these were all signs of detox that would pass. and…I was right! At about two weeks into the cleanse, I started to feel pretty amazing. The only way I can explain it is I felt a surge of energy and almost giddiness without any kind of crash mid day!

Heightened senses: As my sugar cravings subsided, I found that I could taste the sweetness of food more. Fresh, ripe strawberries now taste like the sweetest dessert! Sugar and salt both dull the taste buds, and when you limit or eliminate the added junk, you taste the REAL stuff more – and that’s so much better. I can eat food that I really truly enjoy and feel really really good about myself, knowing Im nourishing my body at the same time!

Weight loss and flatter stomach: This actually happened within the first three weeks of my cleanse. It was that fast! All together Ive lost about 13 pounds. That’s not exactly 13 pounds of fat though! Bloating and imbalanced digestion slows metabolism which keeps weight on. Drinking a TON of water daily and strengthening digestion allows the body to work properly and that creates a flatter mid section and healthier weight.

No more stomachaches, bloating, headaches, dizziness: I have always been relatively healthy. But before starting this cleanse, I just didnt feel as healthy as I’d like to . I wanted to glow! Midway in the cleanse I find myself feeling less of the symptoms of imbalance I felt prior, and that’s been so wonderful!

Brighter, clearer skin and eyes: Starting in the second month of my cleanse, I noticed a clearer, brighter me! I also started receiving compliments like “You’re glowing, are you pregnant?” Ha, seriously, though, I do feel more glowy (that’s a word now.)

Healthier cycle: It took my husband and I a while to become pregnant with our daughter. That actually led me to holistic nutrition in the first place. After visiting an acupuncturist and intuitive doctor, I made some changes to my diet and cleaned up my act. And guess what, I got pregnant! Now that Im finally doing this cleanse, and cleaning up my act even more, Im noticing improvements in my cycle and Im really excited! I understand that this may be TMI, so I won’t go into any details here, but if you want to know – call me and ask!

Live Simply: Whole Foods Inspiration!

live simply

photo credit: Live Simply blog

I’m slightly obsessed with this food blog because it has such wonderfully helpful information for a real food diet. Now, while eating “real food” seems like a ridiculously simple concept, many of us are not doing it.Consuming a nutrient dense, whole foods diet rich in plants is the single best thing you can do for your health and the health of your skin. If you are feeding your body what it needs to be at optimal status, your skin will need much less intervention and special attention!

The Live Simply blog encourages this kind of diet with posts on stocking your kitchen, making your own food staples and deliciously simple recipes! If you are thinking about cleansing, removing refined foods, or simply eating better…you need this blog:

Stocking Your Fridge

Stocking Your Pantry

Stocking Your Freezer

Easy to Make Staple Foods

I Love Tea, and this blog too!!


This adorable blog is the ultimate beauty DIY fix! I’ve already pinned so many of their recipes and ideas my head is spinning. I love making new mask and scrub recipes, but sometimes even i need a little inspiration…and that is why I’m constantly on the hunt for new material. Hello Natural is such a beautiful resource for all things natural, especially natural beauty. For me, spa-ing at home is practicing self care. I’ve written about the importance of self care in the past. Self care is vital to health and beauty. It is so much more than showering and brushing teeth. It focuses our loving attention back to our “temples” and helps balance the onslaught of stress, strain and pollutants our bodies go through on a daily basis.

Now, where was I? Oh yes, tea..haha. Sorry, sometimes I get a little sidetracked when discussing self care. Did you know that herbal teas not only hydrate but provide an excellent source of phytonutrients our bodies crave? Eating fruits and veggies are the primary source for phytonutrients, but herbs and herbal teas are like the icing on the cake!

One of my roommates in college was from Casablanca, Morocco and she used to make huge pots of Moroccan Mint Tea. She would make it for us as we studied for finals to help balance stress and to this day, that smell still reminds me of the comforting feeling I felt while drinking it.

The Hello Natural’s post on making your own versions of your favorite boxed teas is truly special, because it shows just how easy it is to make these teas. When you make them yourself, they are much more nutritious, not to mention safer. (Many commercially boxed teas use non organic herbs that contain pesticide residues and GMOs.)

The 3 Things That Ruin Your Skin

3 things

I posted recently about the 90 Day Candida Cleanse I’m currently working through, as well as the importance of limiting sugar in the diet for healthy skin. Yes, sugar causes inflammation and skin imbalance. But why exactly? Are there other diet or lifestyle components that do as much, if not more, damage? The truth is that there are three major factors that not only ruin your skin – they ruin your health! Restricting (or better yet, removing) these three things from your life is the single most effective thing you can do to ensure more beautiful skin and a higher level of health. Sp, what are these three things?

Stress, sugar and vegetable oil. Each of these things cause the never-ending that breaks down your skin and causes inflammation, premature aging and illness, and most of us are frequent users of all three! They spike blood sugar levels, mess with insulin resistance and disrupt hormonal balance. This leads to the breakdown of the entire body resulting in weight gain, wrinkles and disease. How, you ask? Let me explain a bit…

Mega trans Fatty Acids and Oxidation

Vegetable Oils are the fats expressed from canola, sunflower, corn, safflower, cottonseed, soy and other non traditional vegetable sources. In order to extract these oils, tremendous amounts of heat, pressure and chemical solvents are used, resulting in foul smelling muck that then needs to be bleached, fragranced and flavored to be palatable. Vegetable oils fall under the polyunsaturated fat category. Sounds pretty good, right? Nope! Polyunsaturated fats turn into toxic trans fats when exposed to high heat. What does this mean, exactly? Any product containing vegetable oil that has been treated with heat in any way (chips, cookies, roasted nuts, etc) also contains toxic trans fats. Yes, you heard that right. The label can claim that the oils added are trans-fat free. They were, actually, when initially added. However, the heating process changes all that, and the label becomes very very misleading. Furthermore, when these vegetable oils are refined for salad dressings, sauces or cooking oils, they lose their antioxidant properties and their molecular structure is distorted. The original seeds, nuts or vegetables can be healthy foods, but not the extracted, processed and refined oils.

Why are trans fats so bad for you? They are toxic substances not recognized by the body. They clog arteries, and cause oxidative damage. When I talk about oxidative damage, think free radicals. We’ve all been told about the damaging effects of free radicals on the skin and in the body. they break down important fats, proteins…even our DNA structure if left to their own devices. We’ve been told about the importance of antioxidants to neutralize these free radicals. Oxidative damage from trans fats trumps the damage from free radicals. When it comes right down to it, the main thing we all want to avoid is inflammation in the body and vegetable oils are a major source of internal inflammation when added to the diet.

Sugar and Glycation (advanced glycation end products)

We already know that sugar spikes blood sugar and causes inflammation in the body. However, when sugar reacts with amino acids, it also leads to something called advanced glycation end products, or AGEs. The high amount of sugar (especially added sugars) in the diet can lead to glycation within the body. If there is too much sugar in the body, protein molecules can cross-link with sugar molecules. The result is the production of AGEs, which are not recognized by the body. The body produces antibodies as a result and this increases internal inflammation. AGEs love to go after proteins in the body and love collagen, which means that the higher the AGE levels in your body, the worse your skin will look.

“AGE is a fitting acronym because – along with oxidation – it’s one of the major molecular mechanisms whereby damage accrues in your body, which leads to disease, aging, and eventually, death.” – Dr. Mercola

The typical American diet includes two and a half pounds of sugar each week! That’s a lot of inflammation bombarding your system, eventually leading to it’s demise. AGEs are also highly concentrated in animal foods like meat and food that have been rapidly processed at high temps. Take all that sugar in the typical American diet, add in the trans fats from vegetable oils, high amounts of meats and foods processed using rapid cooking (fried, bbq’d, microwaved, etc,) and we have a recipe for disaster!!


It’s something that we cannot avoid completely, but something we must all learn to balance if we want to live happy, healthy lives…and if we want beautiful skin. If you need an example of how stress ages you, just take a look at any President before and after their term. BIG difference: bags, wrinkles, graying hair…you name it, they have it. Mental and emotional stress are far worse than physical stress because we have not yet evolved to automatically shut them off like we can with physical stress. When we endure physical stress (running from a tiger or running on the treadmill, for example) the body increases the hormone cortisol. This spikes blood sugar levels and moves blood from the center of the body to the extremities. It also causes oxidative stress on the body. When we finish our workout, or get away form that tiger, the body automatically switches that “fight or flight” button off, shutting down cortisol and bringing the body back into balance. The body reacts to mental and emotional stress in the same way, with one exception…there’s not an off -switch. This means that regular, un-managed stress like dealing with a break-up or tough situation at work, causes cortisol to stay high and keeps inflammation coming. Managing stress with deep breathing, journaling, exercise, mediation, etc is how your body shuts this cortisol switch off. It is vital to not only skin but to health in general.

So, let’s recap:

Reduce (or better yet, remove) vegetable oils and added sugars

Make vegetables the star of each meal – eat a whole foods plant based diet and keep meat in moderation

Minimize the amount of fast foods: fried, BBQ’d etc

Manage your stress

 Extra information here:

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