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Favorite Cookbooks

vegetarian cookbooks

Due to my cleanse, I have been cooking up a storm. Prepping gluten and sugar-free snacks, creating nutrient dense vegetarian meals from whole foods, and exploring the world of home made dressings and sauces. I have rekindled my love affair with cooking from scratch and have the messy kitchen and dirty dishes to prove it! I usually pin my favorite recipes to Pinterest or scour social media and blogs, which are terrific resources for meal inspiration. However, I have recently started collecting more cookbooks, and adore having them in my kitchen! There are so many amazing whole foods, vegan and vegetarian cookbooks from seasoned chefs, food bloggers and the like. I find myself reading cookbooks like romance novels…I even took one with me to the beach to read. I guess that comes with earning a Master’s in nutrition – you really start to pay attention to the fuel you put in your body!

My favorites so far:
Oh She Glows
The Green Kitchen
The French Market Cookbook
Thug Kitchen
Nourishing Traditions

What are your favorites? Please share…no seriously – I want to go cookbook shopping!!

Essential Oils and Skin Detox

essential oils and detox
As many of you know, I am in the second week of a 90 day Candida Cleanse. In the past few years, I have taken one or two “sugar-free” months to help general digestion and maintain good health. Now that I am deep in the middle of my Master’s degree in Holistic Nutrition, I knew it was time to step things up a notch. I’ve been meaning to do this cleanse for a while now, but decided that this spring was the perfect time.
That being said, this is not going to be easy! I am up for the challenge though, and know that in three months I will feel so healthy, clear, balanced and strong!

Here’s more information on Candida and cleansing, for those who haven’t read my previous posts on the subject.

I’ve found the second week of any cleanse or detox to be the hardest. That’s when cravings really start to feel their strongest and it’s also when detox mode goes into full effect. I feel more tired than normal, have had some minor headaches and some slight skin breakouts (yes, estheticians get those too from time to time!) In order to help my body let go of toxins the right way, I am upping liver support, eating nutrient dense whole foods, drinking literally a ton of water a day, and incorporating powerful essential oils.
For my skin in particular, I am also doing four things: detox baths, dry brushing, honey masks, and a fantastic skin elixer.

Jennifer’s skin elixir (applied twice daily over my Osmosis serum):
1 drop Melrose blend
1 drop Lavender
1 drop Frankincense
1 drop Joy blend

4 drops essential oils (listed above) in a very small amount of pure organic jojoba oil, massaged into face and neck. These oils are wonderful for supporting healthy detox while minimizing irritation, inflammation and excess bacteria. The idea here is to aid your body in it’s natural functions, not suppress symptoms. Each of these oils and blends help strengthen the skin!

**For more information on the oils I use and highly recommend to enhance your skin and health routines, visit my Essential Oils page on the top menu!

Look for more skin recipes in my next few blog posts while I make my way through this health transformation. Learn with me as I earn my Master’s in Nutrition and get inspired with tons of ways to combine skincare, body care and nutrition!

Healthy Lymph, Healthy Skin!

Your lymphatic system is responsible for removing toxins from the body. However, slowed digestion and excessive stress or toxic build up can put a strain on your liver and that can create stagnant lymph. I find that many of my clients experience stagnant lymph, especially in the glands around the neck. This can lead to lowered immunity, puffy eyes, and other skin issues like breakouts.

Lymphatic drainage massage is highly recommended in each facial treatment for those experiencing stagnant lymph. In between facials, however, there are several ways to keep your lymphatic system healthy!

Dry brushing: I talk about this all the time! Dry brushing daily before each shower or bath is the simplest way to keep the lymphatic system in good shape. It also aids in diminishing cellulite – if you needed an extra reason to do it!

Essential Oils: this is one of my very favorite ways to enhance my home beauty and health routines. Essential oils are natural, gentle yet potent ingredients. Tiny enough to travel through the pores and into the bloodstream, when you apply them to the surface of the skin. My healthy lymph blend includes Orange, Grapefruit, Cypress and Frankincense. Added to a roller bottle with fractionated coconut oil, this blend can be applied directly over any grouping of lymph nodes (like underarms and on sides of neck under earlobes.) You can also add these to body oil or lotion after bathing to aid in diminishing cellulite! *The only essential oils I recommend using are Young Living essential oils because they are superior in quality and purity.

Regular aerobic exercise: this is important for many reasons, one of them being healthy lymph drainage. It encourages movement of the lymph to help with detoxification and reduce stagnation. Jumping, swimming, running, brisk walking, and skating are just a few ways to get things moving!

Plenty of water: Lymph is fluid, so in order to maintain healthy function, you need to stay well hydrated. Lots of water throughout the day ensures healthy lymphatic fluid. Aim for 2-3 liters each day, drinking half the amount before lunch.

Candida Cleansing

Im starting a 90-day Candida Cleanse this month. Yes, it does sound like a long time to cleanse, but it is very necessary! Candida albicans is a natural yeast that lives in the body, but it can become overgrown due to high levels of sugar, stress, or antibiotics. Overgrowth can occur after just one round of antibiotics, and with our high sugar, high stress lives we could all use a little cleansing!

A wonderful resource for leaning about Candida is a book titled “The Candida Cure” by Ann Boroch, CNC. There is a questionnaire to take as well as guidelines for cleansing and maintaining healthy gut flora. Some common symptoms of Candida overgrowth are: digestive disturbances, bloating, hair loss or thinning, acne, rosacea, eczema, fungal rash, blurry vision, headaches, lethargy, infertility, extreme sensitivity, sleep problems, cold extremities and many many more. If left untreated (or if symptoms are repressed, as is the case with topical steroid creams for example), Candida flourishes and the problem is forced deeper into the body. This can lead to much more serious, chronic conditions like cancer, auto-immune disorders and heart disease.

For 90 days I will be omitting sugars, gluten, most dairy, yeast, alcohol and refined foods. I will instead focus my diet on lean protein and vegetables. In addition, I will be drinking lots of water and taking digestive support supplements and an herbal anti-fungal remedy. I will also be incorporating aromatherapy in the form of antifungal oils in epsom baths and topically on the soles of my feet every night. Lemongrass, oregano, and tea tree oils are just a few antifungal oils highly recommended. To maintain the results, I will keep sugar and gluten to a minimum, omit any foods that cause a negative reaction, and take a high quality probiotic.

I highly recommend that all of my clients start their road to healthy skin with a 90-day cleanse. It is proven to enhance results and boost inner and outer health and beauty!

Red Rhassoul Clay: Ancient Beauty Secret

Rhassoul Clay, from the Atlas mountains of Morocco, has been used to help keep skin healthy and beautiful for centuries. In fact, this natural mineral clay has been used on the skin since the eighth century and has been a favorite among the hammams or bath houses!

Touted for it’s cleansing, mineralizing and moisturizing benefits, rhassoul clay makes a wonderful masking base. It’s a great source of silica, iron, magnesium, potassium, sodium, lithium, and trace elements. I love to add in rosewater, raw honey, avocado oil or chickweed….or use it solo diluted with water to make a thin paste. In fact, here’s one of my recipes:

1 tbsp rhassoul clay (powdered)
2 drops rose or orange essential oil (* I ONLY recommend using Young living oils for their strength, safety and purity)
2 tbsp filtered water
1 tsp raw organic honey

Blend all ingredients together, adding more water to thin if desired.
Apply to clean, damp skin for 15 minutes and rinse thoroughly with wash cloth.
Follow with moisture trmt or serum.

This month’s facial special highlights this amazing red clay in mask form. Contact Jennifer to schedule your appointment today!

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